Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Rosie went into labor on Friday January 11th, and delivered her first
two pups on Saturday. Unfortunately due to the size and position of
the pups, even with close veterinary care, these two pups were lost.
However, on Sunday Rosie was x-rayed, and the vet decided to do a C
section to remove the last pup, who he thought was already dead.
Boy was he wrong! This pup came out kicking and ready to go! Sable
and white with a black frost over her back and face. She had
beautiful white markings including a full mane and 4 stockings! Since
Rosie was spayed during the C section, Rose Bud was her one and
only pup. We will miss her dearly.
Past Pups
Rose Bud
January 13, 2008 - January 19, 2008

"Our Beautiful Girl"
I wanted a puppy, God needed you more,
Since He called you home you won't cry any more.
You were our tiny Rose Bud, who never got to bloom,
It was a miracle that you made it out of the womb.
But... You never got to play and run,
Never had litter mates to share in your fun,
You never opened your eyes to look at our world,
So small and frail, our beautiful girl.
As I held you while you breathed your last,
I knew that your life went by much too fast,
Your ears, your nose, your paws so small,
Yet your fullness of life has touched us all.
We can all rest now knowing that...
Now you can play, now you can run,
You're now with your litter mates sharing your fun,
You're looking down from heaven into our world,
You're strong and perfect, our beautiful girl.
- Lauren Hartburg
Rosie & Rose Bud
Rose Bud
Holly Lane Farm is proud to announce their newest addition!
"Tulsa" is a beautiful tri-color female pup.