Holly Lane Farm boasts a lovely nine stall barn.
Seven of the stalls are a spacious 12'X12' ,and
the remaining two are 12'X14', and suitable for
a large horse, or mare and foal. A tidy tack
room with lots of saddle and bridle racks, and
indoor storage for hay and grain. A large
outdoor wash rack gives your horse security,
while giving you the ability to easily move
around your horse.
The twelve stall "mini barn" is often fondly
referred to as the "mini mansion." Little stalls,
a little indoor wash rack, a little tack room,
with little tack hooks, all for little horses! The
mini barn connects through a sliding door, to
an 80'X120' indoor arena. The farm also has an
80'X150' outdoor arena that connects to a 50'
round pen.
A large pasture with a spacious run in shed, is
available for pasture boarded horses. Turn out
in several paddocks is also available for stall
boarded horses and minis. The back side of the
main barn, houses 5 mini stalls that turn out
into private paddocks.